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Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Violence against demonstrants in Istanbul + turkish twitter censored!!!

Couch-Surfing is a great invention. People from  everywhere around the globe can find a home for a few days, feel save and warm and meet new people. Earlier on this year I was lucky to host an amazing lady from Istanbul. We liked each others ways so we kept frequent contact from then on. Today she dropped me some lines and pics on facebook. She lives right in the currect chaos area, where the turkish police is attacking peacefull protestants in a cruel and violent way. She witnessed several killings, numbers circle round 60 :( As the turkish government does not want the public to be informed about the circumstances twitter and facebook updates are concored. So please don t take western media information for granted and concider that things are actually way worse than the seem to be on your national news. And spend some moment of thought in memory of many young people there, who lost there lives standing up for their point of view, their wishes and their hopes  in public. Some images

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  1. This is beyond sad :(((
    Love Lois xxx