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Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Need a timeout? my paradies is open till five.....wanna join?

Are you sometimes angry that your eco-labled carrots were grown in Israel, your eco-labled salad in Spain and your eco-labled potatoes in egypt? why label it eco when it took half a world-cruise to get them here, although germans are known for their very own potatoes? ..well I definitly am! And as complaining takes a lot of time and energy but leads to nothing, I ve decided not to try to change others but to become active myself. This year I am growing my own salad, pumpkins, zucchinies, tomatoes, basil, cauliflower and romanesko. Even apples, kiwi ( yes, the crazy thing in the back is a kiwi-plant ;) ) and lemons will sweeten up my summer. It looks amazing, smells amazing, claims almost no work or attention. It s like a paradies. And if you re around, sneak inside my beautiful garden and let s have some tea or lemonade. Cheers kids!