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Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Isbanbul part 4 : things are getting worse

Puuh.... dont know how to start this one. Hard times in turkey these days. Was talking to a friend of mine last night. She told me that instead of improvement things are really getting worse. The police is now allowed to use real ammonition instead of rubber bullets :( People are attacked thought protesting peacefully. Demonstrants are arrested and imprisoned. Their homes searched, computers and mobiles confiscated. Their twitter and facebook accounts delated. We were talking about the situtation there and life in genereal. I fell asleep and wanted to answer this morning, just to find out that she and all her friends accounts ( i know her brother and her cousins too...) had as well disappeared. I m worried about my friends and all the other young people in this country. 
I statement of hers still strikes me as odd: I am so tired of fighting for basic democratic rights i a country that claims to be a democracy. I feel mute and powerless and day by day more hopeless. 

We should not take our democratic rights for granted but be thankful each and every single day and defend them with all our heart. Pleace join any protest activities in solidarity with the turkish youth.

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Need a timeout? my paradies is open till five.....wanna join?

Are you sometimes angry that your eco-labled carrots were grown in Israel, your eco-labled salad in Spain and your eco-labled potatoes in egypt? why label it eco when it took half a world-cruise to get them here, although germans are known for their very own potatoes? ..well I definitly am! And as complaining takes a lot of time and energy but leads to nothing, I ve decided not to try to change others but to become active myself. This year I am growing my own salad, pumpkins, zucchinies, tomatoes, basil, cauliflower and romanesko. Even apples, kiwi ( yes, the crazy thing in the back is a kiwi-plant ;) ) and lemons will sweeten up my summer. It looks amazing, smells amazing, claims almost no work or attention. It s like a paradies. And if you re around, sneak inside my beautiful garden and let s have some tea or lemonade. Cheers kids!

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

And still the same old shit... Istanbul part 3

If you have friends in Istanbul help spread the word of the circumstances. Biased media, fake numbers on the news. Amnesty International estimating 2800 injured and 60 dead in comparison to 173 injured and 2 dead published by the turkish media. Make up your mind or at least : think!

Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Violence against demonstrants in Istanbul + turkish twitter censored!!!

Couch-Surfing is a great invention. People from  everywhere around the globe can find a home for a few days, feel save and warm and meet new people. Earlier on this year I was lucky to host an amazing lady from Istanbul. We liked each others ways so we kept frequent contact from then on. Today she dropped me some lines and pics on facebook. She lives right in the currect chaos area, where the turkish police is attacking peacefull protestants in a cruel and violent way. She witnessed several killings, numbers circle round 60 :( As the turkish government does not want the public to be informed about the circumstances twitter and facebook updates are concored. So please don t take western media information for granted and concider that things are actually way worse than the seem to be on your national news. And spend some moment of thought in memory of many young people there, who lost there lives standing up for their point of view, their wishes and their hopes  in public. Some images